“Real Incident” narration to make Biharis feel paranoid – by Arundhati

It was 2.45 at night when I was unwinding with third repeat of Air-Bag lounge advertise that my phone rang. Some one was sobbing uncontrollably. Some how he managed to utter a few words – “O you greatest of the greats, winner of the Boo(t-lic)ker prize, the most beautiful Hindu hater, Her highness Madamji…. aaah … aah… Arrrrghhhh … aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh …… ooooooooooowwww.. DHICHKEWOOON” and he hanged up.

He died but the broken words were enough for an imaginative person like me to build a story around. Just like Kohler add wherein they as ask to build a house around their Shower faucet.

This was a definitely a Bihari man in his early 20 calling from Backyard of Patna University , who was chased and caught and then killed, hanged, butchered, beheaded and suffocated, not sure of exact chronology I was just on the phone, by heartless Hindus with hated filled hearts!

Bihari is a potent race that had migrated from former Czechoslovakia some 14.03 billion years ago. They were dinosaur worshipers, but the innocent and gullible people were tricked to believe that Cow is actually a local dinosaur. Slowly and steadily local crooks ensured that they get amalgamated into Hinduism completely. The brainwash was so powerful that even a leader of Biharis ended up feeding on the same chara that Cows and Bulls eat.

And last night one ancestor of these Non-Hindu people was killed in cold blood. Had that man been a woman, I am sure he would have also been pregnant while getting killed. This shows that while monkeys turned out to be literate, modest, secular, well behaved, truthful &Beautiful human beings like me, all the blood thirsty dinosaurs turned out to be Hindus.

We the literate and foreign funded people must ensure we drive this monster to extinction once again. Today Bihar is not getting it’s rightful special status only because of traces of Hinduism in our national leaders. Hence the Sikh (brother of Hinduism) and a Christine (married to a Hindu) will never give into Nitish Kumar’s demand. UN is the only way out. Mr Nitish, I want to tell you clearly that – itne paise me itna hi milega.

Disclaimer – This essay is based on Secular Truth and virtually real life incident – provided no Police investigation and no Court ask for verification.

PS: By the way the police found out that some one DID called her up that day. The culprit, a resident of Hyderabad is known for making obnoxious and vulgar calls to all sorts of dented and painted ladies.