Virus hits Chinese security grid, PLA blames hacked DRDO data

Today in an unprecedented event, the entire security grid of People’s Liberation Army got crashed. Headquarter lost all it’s command and control network with the rest of the army. The strange Virus caused massive power failure in entire northern China leaving millions without electricity.

PLA is yet to come out with an official response, but in its internal briefing to the government, it has blamed the recently hacked DRDO data. Major Me-Uthai-Gir explained that the recently lifted data from DRDO was all corrupt and hence the PCs those were used to hack that data, got infected.

“No, it was not because of the confusingly encrypted communication that runs between DRDO and GOI as we have developed a firewall to filter out anything that GOI conveys. It was something else.” He said with confidence.

Though investigation is still on, as per our sources close to CCC (Chaurasia’s Chinese Corner), the primary suspects are certain files those were sitting in private drives of some of the scientists. i.e. Dandiya & Dhokla with Falguni.flv which they thought has something to do with Falagong sect. And the torrents of Khana Khazana –‘Secrets of Rice’, which were mistaken as secret tech deals with Condaliza Rice. Few more like Diggi-unplugged, Big Boss-6 etc

“PLA decoders crashed while decoding those files and it is where the mess started. It would be too early to pronounce the recent attack on DRDO as a futile exercise, but worst can not be ruled out.” The Xinhua agency reported, “PLA is planning to raise the issue in UN against what it calls highly disproportionate response by Indian side.”

Back in India, as responsible people were still looking at each others faces and trying to make sense of entire thing, Obama released a statement emphasizing on technical cooperation with India.


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