A Delhi boy gets Death penalty for saving a girl, case cited as ‘Rarest of rare’

It was a normal day for Delhi as  Paratha galli was full of people with few goons chasing a girl for 40 minutes. Just as the people started feeling pity on the goons for going through this ordeal of having to chase for so long, something strange happened that shook up brave bystanders.

An ordinary looking boy appeared from no where and jumped between the girl and the innocent looking goons, couple of them were looking tender enough to get away even with Rape, Murder and both


And to everyone’s disbelief, the boy successfully defended the girl and goons had to retreat. Disappointed crowd quickly got suspicious of the boy’s strange behavior and handed him over to the police.

It is exactly 3 months after the incident; today hearing ended with goons statements. The court pronounced death penalty to the boy citing this incident as the rarest of the rare. To which even the staunchest criticizer of death penalty could not refute.

One of the underage attempters was all in tears, “This solidifies my belief in my country’s law. Thankfully I am just seventeen and still got plenty of chances but just look at him, he just crossed into major age. No verdict can give him his golden years back” He said consoling his friend.

The known activist and megastar Rahul Bhos was all emotional “This is the victory of law, just look at the girl, the act of the boy could have send her in permanent coma” she said pointing to the girl who was still sitting out of the court holding her head with her eyes wide open in disbelief.

Madam Geela Biskit upheld the verdict “After the dastardly act of that boy, my driver and cook are scared to live in Delhi. Law is not in government’s hand does not mean we can let people take it in their hand.” She said flashing V sign.


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