Indian visas on arrival – Pakistan’s oldies rejoice the gift

His dimmed right eye (left was lost in Tora bora) was beaming with hope and dreams when he heard that India is going to issue visas to senior citizens of Pakistan on arrival.

“Every one thought I am a defused bomb now and were pushing me to become a shepherd, but now I can show that I am down but not out.” said Farhaad Fussu – 68. The similar sentiments were echoed across the Pakistan.

Super intelligent Zaid Hamid was overjoyed, “God willing my fathers would do better than my sons. But on the name of entire Kaum, I urge you youngsters, dye your beards white. My roohani sources have informed me that hair dye manufacturers are Zionists and they don’t make white dye, but god wiling we will import it from China.”

Here in India dismissing the rumors, Mr. Viklaang Khurshi-de said that the said visa plan has not been cancelled it has just been delayed for the want of additional forms that the visiting Senior citizens will have to sign.

Our inner sources revealed that the forms would be an affidavit and an acknowledgement that the visitor is old and also disabled and that he/she has received either a wheel chair or a hearing aid or at least a walking stick.

“We don’t mind signing any forms as long as we remain member of LeT. Be it this LeT (Lashkar E Taiba) or that Let (Langda E Tunda). Ultimately we have to explode ourselves along with others.” says Manhoos Murtuza, “The only thing that saddens me is that still there would be some Indians out there who would benefit from my arrival.”

As per an unconfirmed intelligence report, Hafeez Saeed was over heard enquiring about property rates in Mira Road.


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