Daily ‘Saamna’ sheds regional tag, launches Aman ka Jhaansa

Seeing the ongoing efforts of infiltration and firing and beheading of Indian soldier by Pakistan, Saamna has decided to launch a new initiative – Aman ka Jhaansa. A move that immediately drew a sharp reaction from TOI.

“People like us are already trying for a smooth passage for Pakistanis into India so that not only Indians but the other neighbors i.e. Nepal, Bhutan too can avail benefits of Terror attacks and dubious people from each country can benefit from People to People contact. Given this, we agree there was absolutely no reason for Pakistanis to restore to such overt operation of firing on LOC etc. But announcing Aman ka Jhaansa is a knee jerk reaction by fundamentalist forces.” said a TOI spokesperson.

When a reporter asked him as to why it is so that why only India need to keep gulping the potion of peace, He said “Please understand, friendly relationship with India will not change anything in Pakistan because amongst burning Baluchinstan, karaahta Karachi, naarkiya NWFP, MQM, LET, Shia minority and many more, they will hardly notice a friendly India. But it’s the Indians who have a lot to gain from a friendly Pakistan.”

“No, Aman ka Jhaansa is not a parody of Aman ki Asha, but it is an effort to expose the inner purpose of Aman ki Asha.” informed Mr Raut “We will make people understand that member of Pakistani Army and Political parties are not from Sweden or Venezuela, but they all are common men coming from Pakistani masses. Hence this fraud that common Pakistani wants peace with India can not be trusted.”

“When there are forces out there preaching hatred and killing, it doesn’t make sense for us Indians to dream all roses and train our children to get killed. And in any case Aman ki Asha is fraud, because we all know that actually it is not Aman ki but Burman ki Asha.” Bystanders were nodding at each other in agreement.


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