3,000 Pak artists poised to infiltrate into Mahesh Bhatt camp

As per bi-weekly intelligence report, 3,000 odd artists heavily armed with different types of deadly skills such as singing in train, excessive expressions, noise making etc are camping near border waiting for a chance to infiltrate into Mahesh Bhatt camp.

Though Indian establishment has obvious doubt on their real intentions but Mahesh bhatt played down the fear. He said that he is not afraid and actually looking forward to greet them all with open arms unless he is busy scratching at odd places.

“While for society they are visa jumpers and security concern, but I look at them as cheap labor. Why to pay crors to Indian actors for 5-6 kisses, 6-7 songs, 3-4 fights and 2-3 dramatic scenes when these artists from Pakistan are ready to do it all for food?” He said. “They can get killed for doing just these things there in Pakistan so there is a human aspect is also there.” He quickly sobered up.

Noted singer Abhijit was upset, “What nonsense is this! Any Train singer is being publicized as sufi singer. And then I am just wondering as to how many thousand nephews and nieces a person can have, even if one got his roots in Pakistan!”

But the artists have only praises for Mahesh, “He is our masiha, he is our Spielberg and Hitchcock. We are very fortunate that during partition, India got to keep Mahesh Bhatt otherwise in Pakistan, Lashkar E Jahiliya would have killed him decades ago. National Geography must do a show on him as a preserver of the rarest species – Pakistani Artist”

Nida Fazli a note expert in drawing comparison could not agree more, “Yes, just like the Politics is the last refuse for all the scoundrels or a gutter is the last refuse for all the cockroaches, Mahesh bhatt camp is the last resort for all the Pakistani artists.”


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