Pak blocks Tomatoes Trucks, Sensex hits lower circuit

As the Ultimate economic power house on our western border started acting tough, the effects were immediately visible on Indian economy.

It seems that our wailing over our dead soldiers have not gone down well with all powerful Pakistani establishments. Today, as a punitive step, Pakistan has blocked couple of trucks carrying tomatoes to Pakistan.

In Mumbai the BSE had to close the trades twice as the Sensex kept hitting lower circuit. A delegation headed by Jhunjhunwala met Finance Minister to ensure that the trucks passes thru and we earn much needed Pakistani currency. “Though most of the Indian currency is already made in Pakistan, we do need to earn some Pakistani currency as well” said Sharad Pawar.

“This is not fair” said a tomato trader, “we are letting them in with RDX and grenades and they can not even allow us to take tomatoes! Just because you are a regional superpower and your neighbor is governed by weak hearted, you will damage my tomatoes!”

“What are you trying to do? Feed them tomatoes while they are busy shooting at us in self defense! Off course they won’t appreciate this” Burkha D tweeted from the LOC.

In an important development, Heena Rabbani called up Salman Khurshid and told him that considering Pakistan’s economic power, its unity and stability and it’s past record, Indians should have acted in more restrained manner. To this Kurshid firmly replied, “I am really sorry maam, I will make people understand this.”

Haifz Saeed – the most respected man by Indian politicians, sounded more sensible as he criticized the Pak move. He said that in the current situation, Pak should have allowed the trucks in and then should have confiscated them without making any payments.


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