Stop buying gold, or I will buy it all – PC

The soaring gold price has triggered a concern in political galleries in Delhi. PC, as usual without any reason, called in a press conference to warn all the hard working idiots to stop buying gold.

Policemen promptly lifted and took away a reporter when he wanted to know how much of it PC has bought a day before making this announcement. Calming the remaining ones PC said, “On one hand you are calling yourself poor and measurable people and on the other hand you all are busy buying gold! Shame on you, all of you… you shameless guys” He pointed to all the reporters present., “When a poor government officer asks for 30-40 thousands then you guys are poor and you quickly set a trap with anti corruption bureau , but when it comes to buying gold you have lots of money for that!” He said with visible disgust on his face.

“Is it not that the costly gold has become an issue with government because it has devalued the stagnant deposits sitting in Swiss banks?” another reporter dared, as the economics knowledge of the policemen present was not enough for them to act on their own, the PC had to signal them to take the reporter away.

Once the reporters became sure that PC will defiantly increase the gold prices, all of them started making calls to their commodity brokers. This made PC lose interest and he was seen surfing onto online trading sites.

On condition of anonymity a party worker told this reporter that, “What people don’t understand that if gold would keep on becoming costly like this, the Scam Surcharge- the new term coined by fakingnews, is bound to go up and thus the people will not be paying more only for that they are buying but will also end up paying more for what we would buy.” He also gave a tip, “Yaar you guys already have a proven case that by dealing in property with DLF, one can make 350 crors out of nothing, still you are going after gold?”


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