Monthly quota of speaking exhausted, PM to condemn Pak in Feb

Reporters were in shock of their life when they approached PMO for PM’s comment on beheading of Indian soldier by Pakistani army. Pankaj Pachauri – the PMO spokesman informed the reporters that Mr. Manmohan Singh has already exhausted his monthly quota of speaking six (6) sentences and any comment of this trivial matter can be heard only in the month of February 2012.

Brushing aside the so called severity of the issue, Pankaj Pachauri shot back, “After all, what soldiers are for? It is only infiltrators and soldiers who get killed on the border, still to assuage the emotional fools, our strongest and the most macho PM so far – Mr. Manmohan Singh would take strongest possible steps” He added. “How can you laugh at such serious meet?” visibly upset Pachauri snubbed couple of reporters.

Explaining the strong steps he said, “You see we have just punished them with an invitation for 20-20 and one day series and as soon as we are done with the suspension and the resumption of peace talks, we would severally punish them with another Test series and liberal visa laws. But before taking any such drastic steps, we are awaiting American words of wisdom, highlighting the non-state actors and importance of peace in the region”

“Allowing people brandishing their AK-47, to come freely in India would definitely discourage Pakistanis from committing such cowardice act of infiltrating in the dark of nights.” He concluded.

When reporters wanted to know the status of 10 terrorists who had sneaked in Delhi during Anti-Rape protest, he promptly said, “As they are Delhi Police Commissioner’s baby only he can answer you on this. Well by ‘his baby’ I don’t intend to say that they were his brain child.”

Press meet was called off as soon as this reporter enquired if “Theek Hai?” too was counted as a full sentence.


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