Government offices to have separate windows and queues for Rapists: RPN Singh

RPN Singh looked very angry while expressing his thoughts on Rapists. On replying on queries on National Data Base for Rapists, he said that he has couple of more suggestions up his sleeve for those criminals.

“We need to have separate windows and queues for Rapists in every government building.” He said. “They must be identified, isolated and humiliated. This will also stop acts of eve teasing that they get to do in long and crowded general queues in government offices.” “Also I have asked for an all encompassing Adhaar Card for Rapists. Which will have complete listing of his crime career i.e. no. of actual offences, no. of complaints registered, no. of times he got convicted, no. of payrolls jumped etc. Also the forms asking – “have you ever been booked by police?”, will also ask – “WOW! but was that for rape?”

When this reporter asked him about the steps that government is taking to protect women, He angrily asked to stop diverting from the topic. “Guys, currently our main aim is just to be seen TALKING IN RIGHT DIRECTION. I have personally requested for automatic addition of charges like POTA, MACOCA, anti narcotics and money laundering etc so that the bastards keep languishing for longer time.” When the reporters pointed out that MACOCA applies only in Maharashtra, He said that NCP is their partner hence Delhi should nOt have any issue borrowing it up for sometime.

On All India Rapists Association’s demand of providing them with cheap fuel, cheap electricity and cheap gas cylinders, so that people understand that culprits are really cheap people, He said that this makes sense but final decision would be taken by high command only.

Meanwhile addressing the nation of the eve of New Year, MMS said, ”Not only because the people of India wants to hear this, but also because it is written on this piece of this paper, I am reading out loudly that I will take strongest possible action against the rapists” He ended his speech looking in the corner, “Ab to theek hai?”


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