A few anti gang rape protesters were called in to talk – A report

As per the reports trickling down what has happened in the closed door meeting with a few of the protesters the things continue to look grim.

Here is what we could put together.-

Protester- Can we come in maam?

Maam – oh yes sure.. please walk in (leaning to R P N Sing) I am confirming for the last time – you are damn sure that these guys are not actual protesters?

R P N – oh yes maam I and Burkha know them personally, they are a good mix from different back ground the only thing being common is NUSI.

Maam- good.

Protesters – Maam, we have come to raise a serious issue…in spite of we slugging out here in such a cold weather, we notice that we have not been on any news channel so far.

R P N – that is the key my children. You are supposed to be faces of those unknown common men.

(RG enters)

RG – Heyyy… momma you never told me we are having a get together today..

Maam – (with a a stern look) these are s few unknown people….

RG – Hey Akshey how are you maan.. hey Rita how you doing.

RPN – they are here to represent the people protesting the Rape.

RG – Protesting the RAP !! WHAAW..I like RAP maan… yo.. aaha aaha yo (patting RPN’s shoulder heavily) hey and your name is also RAP N Sing haa haa haa (finding every one looking at him).. well..why are these guys protesting such an entertaining thing?

Maam – (getting up) well I think we have finished the scheduled 10 minutes so please get out and carry on doing what you guys are best at. (looking at a corner) aap vahaan khade khade kya dekh rahe hai.. jaaiye chaai biskit le khe aaiye(walks out)

The person in the corner – chaai me lawn me hi lee aau na? … theek hai? arre ab to thek hai naaaa?


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