How can you take My comments seriously? – asks Atyadhik Murkh-jee

Finally Ms Burkha Butt gave Mr Murkh-jee a chance to clarify his remarks on women protesting against gang rape-

B –Mr Murkh-jee, why you suddenly came up with those remarks?

AM – Look sexy, earlier daddy used to grab all the lime lights and nobody ever noticed me. So I never had to think before talking. But ever since he got promoted and accordingly went into silent mode, people have suddenly realized that I talk nonsense!

B – You could have kept your nonsense to sunny lie-on, why protesters?

AM – You just look at my kaamwali, dudhwali etc. they are all are so much engrossed in daily hardships that they don’t have any time to make any protest,  leave aside going to discos and garages for denting and painting. So ladies only like hmm… just like you for example, who are fashionable are making noise.

B –Please understand that I am providing you a platform to say sorry so that people don’t go digging more into your background. I am on your side you moron.

AM – Sorry sorry. Actually I wanted to apologize but got distracted guessing your age (Leaning to her) how old are you by the way?

B – Are you sorry for what said?

AM-  Well…. I did call a couple of deplorable names and I am sorry If those sluts felt bad about it. Actually I was quoted out of context.

B – Is it?

AM- Yes, we men often refer our wives with names like beep, beep and looong beep. So you can imagine when we talk about unknown ladies. Look it’s a non-issue so either you accept my apologies or go ask Rajiv Shukla or Shriprakash Jaiswal, they are expert in defending any bullshit with plain face.

B – so this was Mr Murkhjee explaining his remarks on AAAUUCCCHHH….


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